For the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of back problems, spine and locomotor diseases

Beds and bedroom ranges for domestic and care homes

The revolutionary RehaBed – ‘The healthy comfort’ concept has been specifically developed in orthopeadic clinics for use in care environments and generally to preserve spine health. Its remedial and preventative qualities go beyond any health benefit of other orthopaedic bed-systems, memory foams or box sprung mattresses. Furthermore, it gives the ultimate comfort for all age groups.

The RehaBed and our full bedroom ranges can fully satisfy and perhaps, improve the care level of even the most professional care homes who want to provide their residents with the healthiest and most comfortable beds. Respectively, it can fully satisfy customers who are seeking orthopaedic and organic beds for their private homes.


Adjustable RehaBed

RehaBed can be supplied in our bed frames and it also can be fitted into existing bed frames!

How it works

As the spine and body are flexible they need flexible support – a truly orthopaedic one that adjusts automatically to each individual body and how it moves. The multi-directional, independently moving, double row slat base under the mattress adjusts ergonomically to the contour and weight of the body at any position.

Its special finish and suspension means they are able to carry out vertical, transverse and rotational movement. Regardless weight, shape or position on the bed, it always keeps the spine in the ideal position. As the slat base can move in all 3 dimensions depending on the customer’s body shape it makes perfect weight shifting.

Therefore, the RehaBed has outstanding pressure care management qualities.

As the slat base adapts perfectly to the shape of the body it gives perfect, equal support to the spine along its full length and exceptional lower back support.

The vertebral discs will take up the optimal position during sleep, thus decreasing the load strain and thereby ensuring that no harmful tension points develop. As the RehaBed evenly distributes the weight on the bones, the ligaments, the muscles linking them, the muscles surrounding the spine and the area around the joints the blood supply will be perfect as will be the removal of inter-tissue waste material through the veins and lymph vessels. At the same time the slat base also stretches the spine longitudinally, moving the vertebrae and articular discs away from each other, the arteries are straightened out and the local blood pressure will decrease and supply of nutrition to the articular discs will increase.

The RehaBed is the perfect solution for preventing and treating of

  • Acute and chronic locomotor diseases
  • Lumbago, sciatica, disc herniation and post-operative conditions
  • Degenerative disc disease and vertebral subluxations
  • Vertebral and limb disorders
  • Joint pains, arthritis, osteoporosis, spinal injuries
  • Lower back and spinal pain
  • Pain in the vertical- thoracic- and lumbar vertebrae
  • Pain and numbness in the upper and lower extremities
  • Insomnia, poor circulation and short of breath
  • Acid reflux and night-time heartburn

“After permanent use of the RehaBed in the above mentioned conditions the need for drug use, as supported by previous clinical surveys, has dropped considerably or even ceased and planned surgeries have become avoidable.” A. Tailor MD (Specialist in Neurosurgery)

“The qualities of the RehaBed not only prevent the further deterioration of spine disorders but as prevention, they can make it impossible for them to appear at all. As a practising doctor who cures patients with locomotor diseases, I find the RehaBed extremely good, both at the prevention of spinal disorders, and their regeneration.” Dr J. Baggio (Spine-Specialist, Head Physician)

“The important effect of the slat base of the RehaBed is that it is not only the load on the spine that will become more evenly distributed due to the plastic-dynamic support, but also the body stretches out length-wise, the spine stretches on the slat base” Dr G. Sengey (Orthopaedist)

It is recommended for all age groups as it helps in

Healthy development of the bones and spine
Preservation of spine health
Enhancement of physical performance
Avoiding sleeping disorders, chronic headaches, neurosis

We spend an average of 6 hours out of 24 in bed, which would amount to around 20 years during our lifetime.

Firm Bed

Soft Bed


By sleeping on a too soft or too firm bed, the structural changes created by bad posture can contribute to degenerative disc disease, along with other degenerative changes to the spine. On a too soft bed the spine bends onto the bed and the muscles slacken on the concave side, during which

  • the vertebrae and the bones degenerate
  • bone sediment forms on their corners
  • the muscle becomes taut on the convex side and the arteries running through the muscles become compressed
  • the blood supply deteriorates and neither can the used blood pass out through the compressed veins and lymph vessels
  • pains like muscular strain, occurs when we wake up
  • the tensioned muscles and ligaments become stretched, thus their holding effect is weakened during physical activity during the day

The situation is very similar on a too firm bed, but the negative effect occurs in a different section.

As John Lennon BM, MM.C, and Norman Shealy M.D stated that “bad posture affects and moderates every psychologic function from breathing to hormonal production. Spinal pain, headache, mood, blood pressure, pulse and lung capacity are among the functions most easily influenced by posture.”

By sleeping on RehaBed you can use your sleeping hours to cure your spine opposed to on sleeping on a too soft or too firm bed where your vertebral discs are being damaged night by night. This makes a huge difference as we spend 1/3 of our life in bed!

RehaBed for private and care homes

Our wooden beds are made of 100% solid wood and for our upholstered beds we only use fabrics made with the latest technologies.

AquaClean technology enables consumers to clean away stains using water only.

SafeFront technology is intended to combat the presence of mites, mildew and bacteria in upholstery products, preventing the onset of allergies and other associated problems.

The StainFree fabric protection system is developed to provide a waterproof barrier for fabrics while preserving their breathability.

Organic Mattresses

The Rehabed comes with our 100% organic, natural latex mattress, which is designed to take advantage of the orthopaedic benefits of the RehaBed and to give you the ultimate comfort.

Orthopaedic Pillows

RehaBed’s orthopedically contoured pillows support the curve created by the head, neck and shoulders for comforting therapeutic support. The pillows are made of 100% organic, natural latex.