Orthopaedic Pillows

Orthopedic pillows perfectly support the curve created by the head, neck and shoulders for comforting therapeutic support. As well as providing excellent pressure relief to your head and shoulders. Furthermore, they give you perfectly comfortable sleep. The pillows are made of 100% organic latex.

We offer two different types of orthopedic pillows to fit every body shape and preferred sleeping position precisely. 

  • Relieves shoulder, neck and back pain by allowing neck and shoulder muscles to relax completely
  • Helps prevent snoring and other sinus-related problems that may disrupt sleep
  • Supports head, neck and shoulders, allowing muscles to fully relax for more restful sleep
  • 100% Chemical-Free, Toxic-Free, No Off-Gassing, Odor-Free
  • 100% Bio-degradable, Renewable, Environmentally Responsible
  • Naturally Anti-Mould, Anti-Dust Mite, Anti-Allergy, Anti-Microbial
  • Superior Orthopedic Support
  • Superior Temperature Control, Perfect Moisture Management
  • It has full depth air channels so it is breathable, it provides cool sleep
  • Life expectancy of 20 years

Traditional Latex Pillow

Ergonomic Latex Pillow